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Faceless Knight - I had a dream many years ago, and I saw this sucker in it. This particular drawing is quite old, and in my opinion, a tad sloppy... however, I still consider it one of my better ones.


Vector - I invented this guy when I was six. He's evolved a lot since then... indeed, he's changed a bit since I drew this particular image a few years ago. It's become a tad messy sitting in my drawing folder, but I think that just adds character to the image.


Couple - I drew this, and my buddy Chris shaded it in (before I had developed any real sense of adequate shading). One of our best collaborative works, even after all these years. I've since tried to adopt his style of shading, but then ultimately I moved on to my own style.


Alien Creature - Just a funky creature that I wanted to draw. I got the idea for the triple-jawed face from an InQuest gaming magazine, and the rest just kinda grew from there.


Elven Mage - Nothing spectacular... really just playing around with different body poses. Some feel that his right bicep is too big, but I disagree... the left bicep looks smaller because, A: it's stretched out from the position of the arm, and B: the human bicep is more prominent on the inside of the arm, where it attaches underneath the pectoral muscle.


SPOOFE - A self-portrait of my fictional alter-ego. This one is very old, and I've since drawn a better picture (which you can find later on in this art gallery).


Spirit - This particular image was an old excercise in perspective..... I tried to make her upraised hand seem far larger, while the rest of her body disappeared into nothingness. Didn't quite come out how I wanted, but hey.... that's what experimentation is for.


Mercenary - An unspectacular work. Kia, my best friend, told me once to "draw something". So I did. Took me about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, total.


Daemon - When I was younger, I always like dragons and demons and things with bat-like wings. This was really an excuse to draw just that. Inspiration was taken from the daemon enemies from Ultima VI, and I slapped some wings on it.


Acid Trip I - Back in High School, one of my favorite activities was drawing "acid trips"... essentially, a jumbled mismatch of odd shapes, objects, figures, and themes, all mixed together in a chaotic mix. I drew this one for a friend, Jennifer Rahn.


Daemon Girl - Remember playing Diablo? Remember the succubi that inhabited the lower levels of hell? Well, they inspired this particular work of art.


Akcezzarblopthk - I had this one done when I was in the middle of my "mutant freak monsters" phase. This one started out as just a goofy goblin, but I just start throwing on body parts willy-nilly.


Boba Fett - Yeah, everyone knows who the hell this guy is. This was my first attempt at "rub shading"... rubbing the image with your finger to blur everything together. My technique improved after this piece...


Dragons - I tried to draw two dragons in a bit of a... *ahem*... "loving" embrace. I don't know if it came out or not... it kinda looks like they're fighting or something. Oh well.


Turbak - Another in my line of "mutant freak monsters". I had developed the tradition of giving them weird names, hence the title of this piece. I was inspired by the look and feel from the original Doom games.


Flingo - The third of my "mutant freak monsters", although I've been told that this one looks pretty funny and rather "friendly" in a way. I wanted to make it look like a really big bug with even bigger boots.


Alien - A xenomorph from the ol' Alien movies. Not much else to say about this... I've loved those movies for my entire life, and I've often drawn numerous pictures of the aliens. This one was the last - and best - one.


Executioner Chick - Thank Kia for the name of this one (really, it's not like a lot of brainpower was needed). I just wanted to draw weapons, and someone holding the weapons, and I thought it'd be interesting if it were a woman that was doing it.


Secret Agent Man - At the time, this was a new one for me... a realistic-looking (sorta) guy with realistic-looking clothes holding a realistic-looking gun? It's simple and rough, but I still like how this one came out.


Predator - Remember that mid-'80s movie with Arnold Schwarzeneggar? Those beasties were called "yautja", and, like the Aliens from the Alien series, I've always loved these suckers. This one is a bit off in that I think the yautja is too bulky and muscular... they would be leaner and trimmer, more agile than buff.


Spider - This was inspired by the description of Shelob the Great from the Lord of the Rings. I'm proud of it because this picture actually scared the shit out of someone who was extremely arachnophobic, which tells me that I managed to get a good spidery likeness in there.


Centauress - *GASP!* Breasts! Naked ones, at that! Feh. This one was an anatomy excercise... making the woman both very strong, feminine, and equine, all at the same time.


Duct Tape - Yup, it's a woman tied up with duct tape. The irony of this (mildly twisted) image is that it was drawn during a Christian Loving class.


Sally the Robot - I drew a robot, and named it Sally (because of the mechanical-looking "hair" tendril thingies). An interesting robot design... I've been considering using it in a story sometime.


Vector & the Dragon - I drew this just to piss off Kia, who loves dragons. What better way to do that than to show a dragon getting the back of its throat blown out?

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