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Amazon - This is a very old picture, older than just about any others found here. It comes from my first drawing book, an item of legend that is currently in the hands of an ex.


Outlaw - This is another picture that was created when someone told me to "draw something". I'm glad that the "667" (the sign of the wannabeast) is visible on his forehead... the tiny black square on the side of his head is supposed to be a bar code. Kinda techno-punkish.


Woman Soldier - Nothing much to say. It's a woman. A woman soldier. With a gun. I am kind of disappointed with the quality of the gun, as it's too wide and blocky. I've considered changing it, but I'm lazy.


Jake & Doc - Jake Blackmore and Doctor Cyrus Amarin. Both are characters in a story I'm writing. I got both names from Flip and Casey, respectively.


Stripper - This is supposed to be a futuristic stripper costume... during her act, she removes individual plates and tosses them into a repulsor field that organizes each plate into its position, forming the shape of what the costume would look like if she were still wearing it.


Magus - This is an old depiction of the character Magus from the game Chrono Trigger. I based it mostly off his in-game sprite, not the character portrait in the menu screen, just so you know.


Dive for Cover - Another picture of ol' Vector Jikag. This one's old, and I was just playing around with poses and weapons fire.


Kilrathi Warrior - A depiction of a Kilrathi from the Wing Commander games. It's unfortunate that the abysmally bad movie didn't emulate my design. Damn, that movie sucked.


Death - "Hi, Death, how're you doing?" "Ah... life sucks." It's Death. What'd ya expect?


Vector Again - Yeah, I've drawn this guy a lot. So what? He's cute. Besides, how many times do you think Bill Watterson drew Calvin? Huh? HUH?!? That's what I thought.


Cletus - This is a hick character for a movie called No Clue that I hope to make in the near future. He's your typical cowardly, gun-toting, idiotic redneck.


Carson Miles - Another villain from No Clue. Carson is the brains of the three-way gang, head of security at a communications corporation, and is secretly trying to use his position to acquire power and money.


Bizarre Purpose - The original concept sketch for the third villain in No Clue, BP is a drug dealer that's in cahoots with Carson. Since then, I've decided to change BP's look a tad...


Commission 1 - One of the first commissions I did for the Amethyst Alliance during some art-trading jamboree something-or-other that they had going on. This one was to depict a bunch of LARP's in a fictional tavern... I downloaded pictures of each and every one of them and tried to capture their likeness.


Commission 2 - The second commission I got. I don't remember much about this character, other than that he was an anthro fox for somebody's roleplaying game.


Commission 3 - The third commission I got. This character is a paladin. In the original description, he described the character as "bald", hence the lack of hair. Later, rereading the description, I think he meant "bold". Oh well.


Starships - Both preliminary sketches for the novel I'm writing. The top one is Rayella's Fallen Angel, while the bottom if Vector's Daemon. Both have been altered slightly since this drawing was completed.


SPOOFE Sketches - I rarely use pen at all when drawing. But one day, I was just fooling around, drawing pictures of my oh-so-cool alter-ego, and this is the result.


Sam's Acid Trip - This is the very first "acid trip" drawing I made for someone other than myself. I drew it for Sam Boxleitner, a good friend during High School. This picture also spawned the quote, "Where's the penis?" from Flip when I pointed out how odd it was that the central figure's penis turned into a checkered spirally thing.


Sword & Serenity - My first - and only - attempt at drawing Ronnie. I think it was rather successful. Facially, anyway... I don't recall ever seeing her in such a getup, or carrying a sword.


Jerr Mang - Another character from the novel I'm writing. He acts as the "villain" for the first half of the book. He's an older man, but very cold and clinical, and professional.


Weapons Ready - Another Vector shot, this time holding a mean-looking gatling-type weapon. This one was an experiment in body profiles, which I haven't done many of.


Gadian - A very old roleplaying character of mine. He was a sort of elemental spirit, consisting primarily of a plasma-energy-like substance that formed a hardened carapace... if that carapace broke, his essence would "bleed" away.


The Four Faces - A picture depicting the four main characters I've had over the years... SPOOFE, Gadian, Vector, and Bob.


Closing Night - I made a rough sketch at the closing night party of Jesus Christ Superstar. Chris is showing Casey and a guy named Milo some guitar work. I later added detail and shading.


Unmasked - Vector takes off his mask and grits his teeth in frustrated. Now what could have him so peeved?

Retreat, post-haste!