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Bob & Gadian - Two of my old "personality characters" that have sort of fallen by the wayside. I drew these together to act as a sort of detailed bust image of both of them, when I used them on the original version of my website. I removed that part of my webpage a while ago, and now they're relegated here.


Daniel Meroit - This picture marks the beginning of a rather large series of pictures (about 15, in all) that I did for a friend's roleplaying group. This character was described as a typical young hottie with big boobs. Incidentally, she was roleplayed by an odd, good little Christian boy who had strange... tastes... a guy who, for some reason, always played as a female character... hmm...


Marion - I forget this character's last name. She was one of the main characters, and, from what I gathered, fussy and high-strung, carrying an overflowing bag, and acted very tomboyish. But, really, I never really delved into the nuances of this little roleplaying group... they never invited me along, the selfish rat-bastards...


SPOOFE - I told you that there's a better picture of this. In my stories, whenever you read about me doing something really cool and fantastic, imagine me looking like this, rather than the misshapen hunk of flesh that I really am... besides, capes are cool.


Michael Carter - Another of those roleplaying characters. Again, I don't know much about this guy. I made a colored version of this, via Paintshop Pro, and it turned out quite nice... but I lost that version when my computer crashed, and seeing as how I've lost touch with the people involved in the making of these pictures, I'm not going to bother replicating my work.


Elizabeth Gregson - Yet another of those roleplaying characters. I got the impression that this was a minor character... she was described as being "mousy" yet sort of "nerdy". I think it wound up looking like Lucca from Chronotrigger...


Quentin Andrews - I guess this guy was supposed to be "cute", but... well, I can't tell. He's also extremely evil, and has stigmata, hence the bandages on his forehead and wrists (and his ankles, but obviously, you can't see his ankles, can you?). Oh, yeah, he's a vampire, too.


Jefferson DuBois - Another evil vampire guy. This one is supposed to be posing as a United States senator, if I recall correctly (I'm going off of all this by memory). And he was described as being partial to white suits, but, well, I didn't put much effort into depicting that.


Dr. Abraham van Helsing - Yeah, the same guy played by Anthony Hopkins, in the movie. I decided to take a different point of view for the character... making his physical prowess just as important as his mental ability.


Hawley Griffin - Out of all these roleplaying pictures, this is probably my favorite. Just the idea of drawing an invisible guy is kinda stagnant, but the twists - the robe, the fez, the pipe - makes it amusing, and quite casual.


The Sideshow - Of course, I'm not totally innocent of roleplaying, myself. This picture depicts a pair of characters I had for an online wrestling RPG I helped run on and off (mostly off) for about a year... the taller character was named The Court Jester, and the shorter was called Mike the Chicken Eater.


NRA - An old picture (in fact, the next nine pictures are all old) that I thought was amusing... note the difference in shading styles. I probably did this picture back in '97 or '98.


Vector, Jumping - Yeah, it's my old character again... this time in a state of gravity defiance. This was done before I revamped Vector's armor... you can tell by the lined plates next to his arms, which have been removed in his latest update design.


Nailed Down - A very messy picture, included solely for nostalgia's sake... it's my SPOOFEy self, nailed to a large, X-shaped block of wood, in some wasteland-ish place. I don't recall the original inspiration for this image, though I doubt it was fueled by happy thoughts.


Smoking Gun - Another view of Vector. A damn classy cyborg, ain't he?


Vector & Rayella - An old, old, OLD drawing, way back when I first started writing my book. Both Vector and Rayella are characters in it... this was the very first sketch I made of any of my book characters together.


Kefka - Ever play Final Fantasy 6? Kefka was the main villain for that game. This was a picture I drew, a long time ago, of our maniacal madman, based primarily off in-game views of him rather than fluff images.


Well Armed - Again, Vector (warn me if you're getting tired of him) in a dynamic, gun-bedraggled pose.


Dragon - What a creative picture title. I mean, really, I wanted to draw one of the classical, winged beasts of terror and doom. So I did. It actually looks more like a drake or a gargoyle, though.


Another Dragon - Man, my titles are just getting better and better, ain't they? I was interested in a certain pose... it came out looking slightly awkward (the right foot is bent out at an odd angle) and the picture got a little dirty over the years, but it was a nice study of form. Oh, and I did an interesting experiment with the wings... a different style than in the previous dragon image.


Genie - If I remember correctly (this are old), this one took me about twenty minutes. By the time I got to the waist, I just stopped caring and made a little bit of mist. Not one of my best pieces, but it turned out all right given the time investment involved.


Dr. Lionel Xavier Cartwright - A-a-a-and... back to the RPG characters. This guy was... I dunno. I forget. A doctor of some sort, I presume. But his name makes me wonder... is the name "Xavier" supposed to be pronounced "Zay-vee-err" (using the X sound from "xylophone"), or do you say "Ecks-zay-vee-err", like they did in the X-men cartoon? Curiouser and curiouser...


Sir Johnathan Ayudaren - Another one. Can't remember who the hell this guy was, either. I do recall that I was asked to base this guy's appearance off of Ed Harris's character in The Truman Show... I sorta did, but I made him look a bit chippier.


Desmond Burke - This guy's full title is "Mr. Desmond Burke of the Knight's Templar". But I hate long file names. And file names beget image titles. And besides, that's the only pertinent thing I can remember about this bloke. Really, the next time I take commissions, I should try to keep the descriptions around for reference.


Dr. James Moriarty - Yeah, they utilized this classic Holmes archvillain in their little RPG. I don't know what part he played in it, specifically... heck, I don't know many specifics aside from the fact that they ransacked just about every Victorian-era reference around for source material. Maybe I should ask Flip... but then, he doesn't talk about that time of his life very much.

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