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Morgan Absinthe - Another Infernal Gaslamp pic. I like this one. I sure hope I don't need to explain why. Anyway, she was supposed to be a witch-type character, so I included all the important elements, including scant garb.


Dr. Byron Keats-Shelly - More IG. I did a lot of work for them. Did I get any thanks? Any credit? No-o-o-o! Ungrateful lil' bastards... anyway. The good doctor here is nuts, and replaced his fingers with, uh, utensils and instruments and such. Crazy, man.


Bridget Lestrade - More Gaslamp. Jesus, just think of how many hours I spent on these that would have been better spent elsewhere. Oh well. Bridget here, well, I don't know much about her. I was never really involved in the character roleplaying process. I was excluded from that. Too top secret.


Guillotine - This was a commission I did for a SWAT team in Indiana. I was very happy with the results, and so were they...


Oz Closing 1 - I got fuckin' fucked up at the closing night party of Wizard of Oz. As I was sitting in the comfy couch of James Dean's old house, I received a sudden inspiration...


Oz Closing 2 - ... This one, too, was part of the closing night party. I've yet to replicate this style of drawing in any of my other artworks. I find the results very unique and satisfying.


Kia Urkel - I was in a weird mood and drew my best friend Kia as if she were Steve Urkel. The result was this frightening piece of work. Although picturing Kia in tight pants ain't half bad...


Cannabis X - A character in my and Brian's Church Hill series of sort stories. Cannabis X - or Cannabis Maximus - is a big-time drug dealer that runs the underworld in this fictional world.


Xavier - Another Church Hill denizen. Xaver runs Club X, and acts as the premiere information broker on the island of Saclaro, where the city of Church Hill is located.


Jack Shannon - President of Laserlight Industries and de facto king of Church Hill. Runs everything, but allows very anarchistic rules in his miniature empire.


Edward Trelaine - Jack Shannon's little puppet, Edward is a telepath, dependent on a rare and difficult to acquire drug called Ithaca to prevent his powers from driving him mad.


Vincent Allendy - Vincent is a small business leader on the island, running a shipping firm that handles a sizeable chunk of the mobile economy of the island.


Simon Caul - One of Cannabis Maximus's point men for dangerous operations, though Cannabis doesn't know that Vincent is skimming profits...


Long Day - Not Church Hill related. I just liked the image of the oh-so-tough killer cyborg with the oh-so-huge gun showing off exhaustion... even action heroes must get tired.


Eddie & Cannabis X - This depicts the first meeting between Edward Trelaine and Cannabis Maximus. The druglord tries to use the telepath, but it comes back to bite him in the ass...


Jack & Xavier - The boss is chewing out his stooge. Xavier is pissed that he's being treated like shit. Not much else


Terra - Again, a character from Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan). If you ain't played the game, well... you should.


Simon in Action - This is why people hire Simon. Outnumbered, outgunned, blindfolded, Simon still manages to kick major-major ass.


Infested - I had a dream once about a virus or something that caused people's bodies to... well, as the picture shows. Her left arm has the stinger, a larger claw that actually infests others.


Tree - I just wanted to draw a strange picture. I thought this would be strange enough. I'm not really trying to go with anything deep, here... it's just weird.


Twisted Borg - This actually has an entire backstory... I envisioned, like, an alternate-reality Star Trek setting where... well, to make a long story short, the Borg have been driven collectively insane, their bio-implants growing out of control, eventually ripping apart the host's body and necessitating the replacement of limbs.


The Murder of General Leo - Yet another scene from Final Fantasy 3. Kefka... well... kills General Leo. It's, uh, pretty shocking. Yeah.


Doctor Cyrus Amarin - It's Doc Amarin again, an updated drawing I did to kinda jumpstart my interest in the Nations universe again. Hasn't happened yet, but I'll get back into it.


Jake Blackmore - Also from my Nations story, Jake is Doc's partner, a hard-drinking neurotic stressed-out negotiator. Can rip through a bottle of Cyndarian Whiskey like it was mother's milk.


Shots to be Fired - Okay, so this big guy in our office wanted me to draw him, all bad-assified. Well, I did, and I'm proud of the result. So it goes up here.

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